Best Shot Monday

In other news, I attended my surprise virtual-bridal-shower-that-I-never-got-to-have-a-year-and-a-half-ago yesterday :) It was lovingly and painstakingly put together by my aunt, mother, and sister. There were no guests. My ideal shower. My aunt even made a special blog for it, complete with a video and photographs that will make you wish you had been there to take part in the joyous festivities.

Love and thanks.


Photo Contest - Please vote!!

Hey everyone!

I just entered Tessa in a photo contest online...if you want to vote for her (of course you want to), click on this link. Or click on this link and our entry number is 4398. If we win, we'll get a $50 gift certificate towards any purchase at their online store.

Thank you!

Jessi and Tessa

Love Thursday

Happy LT.


It's cold

I had to wear two pairs of socks to bed last night, and I hate socks.


Love Thursday

My mister and me.

Please come home safely to us. We love you.

The madness finally ends.

Thank God.

And for your viewing pleasure:



I voted.

Crap Shoot Tuesday

I just loved this one taken at the park over the weekend. I especially love the little blonde girl's huge smile. But the photo was just too dang blurry.
Perfect for today :)



Best Shot Monday - Oh, the park.

I know I just posted this photo two days ago but I really wanted to use it for my bsm.
This little girl loves the swings.


A walk in the park

Our day at the park with my sis-in-law + kids and bro-in-law :)