Oh, boy...

My sister's facebook status yesterday with my Aunt S.'s response:
Jami's vote really doesnt matter all that much! thats not negative, just realistic. so time to stop obsessing over voting poorly. were all bound to do it sometime. 1:51pm
Aunt S. at 3:29pm October 30
We are also bound to have a yeast infection sooner or later, but we really hope we don't get one ...
So, Tessa sleeps with a pacifier, and a few months ago she figured out that she could throw it through the bars in her crib. Needless to say, I make countless trips under the crib at every nap time to find this pacifier because SOMEONE can't fall asleep when she doesn't have it. It's a vicious cycle. A few days ago after putting Tessa in her crib while crossing my fingers for 2 hours of heaven, so begin the antics of monster baby. I'm looking everywhere for this pacifier. It's nowhere to be found. Holy crap, she swallowed it. Okay, no...it's in here somewhere. Looking, looking, looking.... Meanwhile, I get a whiff of popcorn (that's what her pee smells like), so I put the search on hold and pull out a clean diaper. I pull monster baby out of her crib and notice there's a strange pacifier-shaped lump in her pants. And that's where I found the MIA little bugger. God only knows how it got there....monster baby hasn't fully developed all of her motor skills to do it herself. Monster baby did eventually take a little nap. As for the disappearing pacifier, it emerged unscathed from the pitch-black, murky recesses of her pants, only to be placed safely back in the mouth of the beast.
Happy day of evil things, dead beings, demonic entities, and candy.


Love Thursday

The best day of my life.

It's real, yes it's real love.



Love Thursday

I realize that I take a lot of kissing pictures of Tessa, but who can resist wet, open-mouth baby kisses?

I don't know who loves who more. But that's a lot of love right there.


Happy birthday to me

Today's birthday festivities included the following:

  • Enjoyed ripping my old fashioned sponge curlers out of my hair after sleeping in them the night before

  • McDonald's for lunch...gift to myself

  • Came home to some gorgeous flowers from my mister

  • Enjoyed watching the sweetness between two friends despite the effects of their prunes and suppositories

  • Blew out a birthday candle on a cupcake that I've been craving for the last couple of months

Happy birthday to me.


It was between Winnie the Pooh and Jack Johnson.

But I don't like Jack Johnson. So, pooh it is.

Me. Sister. Brother. The best.


Best Shot Monday

We went to an outdoor birthday party today. Very, very chilly...but it was a beautiful day, and Tessa loved it.

Happy Monday.


Love Thursday

We have insane amounts of fun. And I love it.


Crap Shoot Tuesday

Terrible lighting but I love it anyway.
Holy crap, I miss you, James.
Happy crappy one.


Best Shot Monday

Yes, this is my best shot.

The story of my life.

Do you ever feel so misunderstood that when you finally get the chance to prove yourself, in your desperate attempts to set things straight, you make things ten times worse for yourself than before?
What a brilliant idea it was for God to create people who are afraid of people. Yes, we're really useful in this relational society.
Damned introversion.


Things that make me happy today

(I know the captions are difficult to read.
Click on the picture to enlarge it...that'll make it a little easier.)
This post is inspired by nienie.


Love Thursday

This is Mickey and Ava, my nephew and niece. I didn't take this photo (I just shopped it up a bit), so my sis-in-law Steph gets the credit, but I wish I had. It's perfect. This boy loves his little sister.


My early birthday present

These flowers are an early birthday present from my mister.
They're YELLOW (except for that pretty orange one in the center)
because he knows YELLOW is my favorite.
I love them, tames hardini.
I love you.


5 Minutes For Mom: Bedroom Set Contest.....for my sleepin' babe.

My apologies for posting this photo again, but this is my submission for the 5 Minutes For Mom:Bedroom Set Contest at 5 Minutes for Mom. My babe's growing up so fast and she'll be out of this borrowed crib in no time. I know she'd love the Lily Rose furniture set 'cause we got nuttin' for her. Okay, she probably won't give a crap, but I think it's adorable :)
Cross your fingers, eyes, and legs for me!

Best Shot Monday -- Maybe bending the rules here a bit....

Last week I participated in Ali's project called A Week in the Life". We were encouraged to photograph and collect everyday things and, perhaps, write down a thought or two. I started last Monday and just finished today. Sometime this week I will attempt to put a "week in the life" scrapbook together. These photos were a part of my "project" last week, and each is my best shot from each day, so I'm using them for my Best Shot Monday. Yes, all seven of them. So shoot me.


Last night

First of all, it's COLD this morning.
Second... last night, Tessa fell asleep with a teddy bear coming out of her butt.

Poor teddy.