Crap Shoot Tuesday

My sister won't be pleased when she sees that I've posted this picture taken by my mom a few years ago. I'm not exactly proud of it either...it's not the most flattering photo of either of us. I'm pretty quick to trash ugly photos of myself, but there was just something about this one. We both cracked up when we saw it. This was the year my sister and I roomed together in college. Not a good idea. We made it through to the end of the year alive...with a few new scars and a little less hair. But when we actually got along, we had an o.k. time :) (Oh, and I'm wearing stage makeup...I promise, I don't normally wear that much.)

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Bt. said...


Simply Stork said...

he he...I love it!


maile said...

that is hilarious! i love crazy sister pictures! thanks for playing!