The story of my life.

Do you ever feel so misunderstood that when you finally get the chance to prove yourself, in your desperate attempts to set things straight, you make things ten times worse for yourself than before?
What a brilliant idea it was for God to create people who are afraid of people. Yes, we're really useful in this relational society.
Damned introversion.


bt. said...

Here's something from an article I found. This explains it accurately and well. Ya see, God knew what He was doing. If He only created extroverts this world would act like it was continually on crack.

The ways they get energy—Extroverts receive energy from external stimulus, while introverts get energy from the inner thought world. As a result, even if introverts perform well in social settings, they are often drained by people and need time alone to recuperate.

The ways they respond to stimulation—
Extroverts thrive in environments that provide multisensory stimulation. Introverts, on the other hand, have a busy inner world and can easily be overwhelmed by external stimulation. That’s why introverts may be reserved and prefer quiet environments.

Their approach to knowledge and experience—
Extroverts like to absorb as much as they can from their environment; they crave variety and breadth. Their introverted counterparts prefer depth; they invest energy in select areas. This is why they may be careful about choosing activities and may be hesitant to offer their feelings or ideas.

Never That Easy said...

I totally get you: if it wasn't for my blog world, I think I'd interact with a maximum of 3 people (all related to me) for weeks at a time... and I'd be ok with that, mostly.

I'm sorry you couldn't say what you meant, or make yourself understood. I always say there should be some sort of draft process for conversations: "No wait, you can't get mad, this was just my first draft!"