Oh, boy...

My sister's facebook status yesterday with my Aunt S.'s response:
Jami's vote really doesnt matter all that much! thats not negative, just realistic. so time to stop obsessing over voting poorly. were all bound to do it sometime. 1:51pm
Aunt S. at 3:29pm October 30
We are also bound to have a yeast infection sooner or later, but we really hope we don't get one ...
So, Tessa sleeps with a pacifier, and a few months ago she figured out that she could throw it through the bars in her crib. Needless to say, I make countless trips under the crib at every nap time to find this pacifier because SOMEONE can't fall asleep when she doesn't have it. It's a vicious cycle. A few days ago after putting Tessa in her crib while crossing my fingers for 2 hours of heaven, so begin the antics of monster baby. I'm looking everywhere for this pacifier. It's nowhere to be found. Holy crap, she swallowed it. Okay, no...it's in here somewhere. Looking, looking, looking.... Meanwhile, I get a whiff of popcorn (that's what her pee smells like), so I put the search on hold and pull out a clean diaper. I pull monster baby out of her crib and notice there's a strange pacifier-shaped lump in her pants. And that's where I found the MIA little bugger. God only knows how it got there....monster baby hasn't fully developed all of her motor skills to do it herself. Monster baby did eventually take a little nap. As for the disappearing pacifier, it emerged unscathed from the pitch-black, murky recesses of her pants, only to be placed safely back in the mouth of the beast.
Happy day of evil things, dead beings, demonic entities, and candy.

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